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Parker Bohn III - USA
Winner of the BNC Open 2013




Image   Winners of the squads from Saturday:
Mika Koinvuniemi - 1494 - FIN , Osku Palermaa - 1442 - FIN
Patrick Böhm - 1337 - SWE , Bodo Konieczny - 1407 - GER

 Player of the day - Saturday
Mika Koinvuniemi (FIN)
Image Image
 Winners of the squads from Friday:

Player of the day - Friday 
Thomas Larsen (DEN) 
Image Image
 Winners of the squads from Thursday:

Player of the day - Thursday 
Björn Einar Rudshagen (NOR) 
Image Image
 Winners of the squads from Wednesday:

Player of the day - Wednesday 
Lorenc Jaroslav (CZE) 
Image Image
 Winners of the squads from Tuesday:

Player of the day - Tuesday 
Sloan Christopher (IRL) 
Image Image
 Winners of the squads from Monday:

Player of the day - Monday 
Kutina Karel (CZE) 
Image  BNC Open started in Monday, 23. September 2013. First squad winner is Jan Macek from Czech republic - 1155.

ImageThe Oil pattern is now published.

BNC Open 2013 Oil Pattern


We have for you a good tip for conjunction of pleasant and useful.... Try to become a winner of BNC Open 2013 in Sunday, watch (or play) EBT Masters on Monday, spend some days in Slovakia and participate on Vienna Open in following days!

In any case we offer you transport from Bratislava to Vienna for free.

If you must go home after BNC Open and then return back to Vienna in a few days, don´t be sad. We will provide also for you transport of your bags and balls for free. This special transport will be provided in following days:

Monday - 30 September, Tuesday - 1 October, Wednesday - 2 October


ImageWe was published for download:

BNC Open 2013 Bulletin and EBT 2013 Rules

 EBT Masters come to Slovakia

EBT MASTERS come in first time in Slovakia and we are very proud of it... EBT Masters 2013 will take place is the capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava, and in completery center BNC (Bowling National Center) which holds 16 Brunswick lanes.